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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  1. How to Mix and Match your Linen Colours

    Gullah Chic

    Pink and grey, it’s a classic colour combination that is both simultaneously striking and calming. The austerity of the grey does wonders to tone down the feminine luxury of the softer pink tones making it perfect for every room. To keep it minimal and balanced, choose one of the colours as your base and then layer with accent tones of your choice.

    Oh, I sea.

    Blue and green should never be seen, without a colour in between - we all know the old saying, but just because it rhymes, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true. Try capturing the calming tones of the ocean by accenting your forest green sheets with linen cushions in deep sea or navy and embrace the contrast.


    Blue Mood

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  2. 5 Ways To Transform Your Bathroom Into The Ultimate Day Spa Retreat

    Are you looking the recapture the tranquil bliss of your favourite day spa at home? Whether it’s a thoughtful accent or a total renovation, we’ve popped together 5 ways you can transform your bathroom into the ultimate day spa retreat.

    Colour Me Relaxed

    First impressions are everything, and nothing sets the overall tone of your space like the colour of it’s walls.  While white and cream coloured walls can give the illusion of spaciousness, earthy toned colours like soft greens, taupe and mustard have the ability to make your space feel more grounded and calm.

    Bring The Outdoors Inside

    It doesn’t matter if you live in the heart of the city or are fortunate enough to have a cosy country escape, the easiest way to introduce a sense of peace and tranquility into your bathroom is through incorporating natural textures like wood and stone. Whether it’s by scattering decorative wooden bowls around you

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    Zero Twist Towels are one of the plushest types of towel you can buy. Yarns are twisted because this gives fabrics extra strength and heavily-twisted yarns are particularly strong.

    Many inferior types of fabrics have to be spun multiple times to allow the material to be strong enough to be used. However, with luxury fibers, such as Egyptian Cotton, a low twist count can be used. This is because these fibers, as well as being naturally soft, are also naturally strong. The King of Cotton zero twist range uses no twist in its fibers.

    It is important to check how many twists are used in any "Zero Twist” towel you purchase, because some suppliers will market towels that have a low twist count as "Zero Twist towels”. King of Cotton can provide true Zero Twist towels because the company uses the finest quality Egyptian cotton available.

    Zero Twist towels are naturally soft. C

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    Are all towels the same? And what should you consider when buying new towels? There are differences but the first thing to establish is that it really does pay to buy good quality cotton towels, simply because they will stay softer longer.

    Towels come in different weights of cotton called GSM. This stands for Grams per Square Metre which is a measure of how much cotton the towel is made from. In general terms, the higher the GSM the more cotton used, and the heavier the towel. So this leads us on to the question of the weight of a towel and what is ideal, and this in turn is all about usage.

    But let’s consider the average family, where towels will be used daily and need to be absorbent, ideally will dry fast and be easily washable. You could take a leaf out of the average hotel’s book because their requirements are similar to any family’s only more so. Hotels tend to use white cotton towels of about 450 GSM because they hit all the buttons.

    There is another facto

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