Are you looking the recapture the tranquil bliss of your favourite day spa at home? Whether it’s a thoughtful accent or a total renovation, we’ve popped together 5 ways you can transform your bathroom into the ultimate day spa retreat.

Colour Me Relaxed

First impressions are everything, and nothing sets the overall tone of your space like the colour of it’s walls.  While white and cream coloured walls can give the illusion of spaciousness, earthy toned colours like soft greens, taupe and mustard have the ability to make your space feel more grounded and calm.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

It doesn’t matter if you live in the heart of the city or are fortunate enough to have a cosy country escape, the easiest way to introduce a sense of peace and tranquility into your bathroom is through incorporating natural textures like wood and stone. Whether it’s by scattering decorative wooden bowls around your vanity, or by re-tiling your bathroom with natural slate. Bringing the outdoors inside will give your space a tranquil lift.

Let It Sink In

Is there anything more luxurious than the feeling of stepping down into a sunken bathtub after a long massage at a day spa? Why not recreate the experience every day with your own miniature plunge pool? While this option requires a greater commitment (and budget) to achieve, it is guaranteed to bring some of the wow factor that will transform your bathroom into your own private sanctuary.

Throw In The Towel
If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, consider introducing luxury into your bathroom with some quality bath linens. Think thick and fluffy Turkish style bath sheets with matching face cloths and hand towels. It’s an elegant solution that will make every shower feel like a spa treatment.

Bowl Them Over
Do you have guests staying? Nothing says “welcome” to your home like filling a large bowl or ceramic platter with a selection of beautiful products to choose from. Think single use Korean face masks, a range of natural scented bath salts and luxuriously thick body lotions. It’s like a beauty buffet in your own home.