Gullah Chic

Pink and grey, it’s a classic colour combination that is both simultaneously striking and calming. The austerity of the grey does wonders to tone down the feminine luxury of the softer pink tones making it perfect for every room. To keep it minimal and balanced, choose one of the colours as your base and then layer with accent tones of your choice.

Oh, I sea.

Blue and green should never be seen, without a colour in between - we all know the old saying, but just because it rhymes, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s true. Try capturing the calming tones of the ocean by accenting your forest green sheets with linen cushions in deep sea or navy and embrace the contrast.


Blue Mood

It’s regarded as one of the most soothing colours in the wheel, so why not embrace the fullness of its powers by creating a unique display of various blue tones. Start with a lighter base colour in sky or powdered blues for your doona cover and layer with darker linen cushions in navy. To really give it a kick try accenting with white sheets folded neatly over the top to break it up.

Hot or Cold?

When it doubt, try to remember the golden rule of colour mixing. Mix warm tones WITH cool tones and you’ve got a clash, mix complimentary warm OR cool tones and you have a match made in bed linen heaven.

Sweet Dreams!!!.