TIPS for maintaining Bed Linen, Bedding hygiene during corona virus calamity:

As the situation in Australia is worsening with rise of number of people due to coronavirus cases, people are frantically doing all they can to protect themselves.

Expert said it's important to remember your bedding and towels can be a hotbed for germs, especially if they're used by more than one person.

Therefore, it's necessary you wash your bedding more than you usually would and take extra steps to stop bacteria from multiplying.

Most viruses won’t survive in temperatures over 50C, so you could opt for this setting items that are particularly germ ridden and washed less often, like tea towels, bedding, bath towels, gloves, scarves, and children’s clothing.

However, if you’re concerned about your environmental impact, Cloudlinen recommends washing far more often instead.

Best Thread count Sheets and Quilts cover Sets to suit every day washing and quick dry for every bedroom will be between 250 Thread count to 500 thread count sheet sets. As they are easily machine wash able and easy maintained.

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1: Extreme heat and freezing temperatures:

We can stop bacteria from multiplying, so if you’re doing laundry, take the extra steps and throw your washed items into the tumble drier for 20 minutes for some added heat and germ-killing action.

2: Clean machines:

Washing machines may be our saviours when it comes to cleaning clothes, but they should also be disinfected themselves. Washing machines are criminally neglected from our cleaning agendas

But once you realise just how much dirt and grime these machines can harbour, you won’t be taking the risk again.

3: Get the detergent formula right:

Too much detergent will create extra soap suds which will cling to your laundry and trap dirt there, rather than lift it away.

Instead, opt for the recommended dosage, and when it comes to fabric softener, try giving white vinegar a go instead of chemical alternatives.

It’s naturally antibacterial and works wonders at softening and freshening up clothes. Just add ½ a cup to the washing machine drawer during the rinse cycle.

The smell will disappear in the machine, but you can add some essential oils if you’re after added fragrance.

4: Disinfect effectively:

Wash with a laundry-safe disinfectant at the highest setting available, or according to the instruction label."

The best way to protect yourself is to wash your hands with soap and water for the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.

Happy Birthday takes about 20 seconds to sing twice and is said to be the perfect number to clean your hands to thoroughly.

5: Sharing your space:

If you're sharing a house with someone who is poorly hygiene it is key, you make sure everything is cleaned after them. Be sure to disinfect quickly and effectively. Handle all bedding and clothing with rubber gloves and wash straight away - never leave to sit in a hamper!

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