Covid19 Measures

Good Day Customers,

Thanks for showing a lot of interest and trust on Our website and our product range,

During this pandemic time where everyone is facing a lot of uncertainty with day to day life.

We as an Australia based Business have also experienced the same.

We would like to bring into notice what we as Sellers have taken care to sustain this difficult time of Pandemic. As the distribution centre is Victoria Base below are strategy we have followed:


Retrain Employees and redeploy them to distribution Centre in high demand areas

Raise wages and make temporary hires.

Maintain good workplace hygiene

Cross train front and back office personnel to assist with ecommerce.

Regarding Logistics;

Allocate more transport capacity to high demand items

Explore Alternative & Supplemental delivery options

Offer transportation

Capacity if private fleet is available to support movement of critical goods.


Relax same day, next day delivery requirements

Optimize routing and accolated more delivery sloths

Enforce order maximums

Expand fulfilment and return options to give customers flexibility.

Many thanks,

Cloudlinen Team.