Bamboo Towels

      Cloud Linen's bamboo towels provide eco-friendly luxury and superior comfort. Visit our collection for a greener, softer, and more absorbent bathing experience
      At Cloud Linen, experience the unmatched pleasure of bamboo towels. Our bamboo towel selection combines outstanding comfort with eco-friendly elegance. Discover our selection of bamboo towels for a more eco-friendly, plusher, and absorbent bathing experience.


      Due to its numerous advantages and eco friendliness, bamboo towels have become more and more popular in recent years. Here are six good reasons to purchase bamboo towels, in brief eco-friendly and long-lasting. Comfortably soft and luxurious. High absorption rate for efficient drying. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Long-lasting and resilient. Able to regulate temperature for all seasons.

      Yes, you can dry your bamboo towels using dryer but to maintain the quality and soft touch one should always dry it on the lowest temperature. We recommend you take them immediately out when dry to rescue them from being overheated in the dryer and become stiff.

      It's important to follow correct washing guidelines if you want your bamboo towels to retain their quality and lifespan. Start by keeping your bamboo towels separate from other laundry, especially from products that have sharp or abrasive parts that could snag the delicate fibers. Use a gentle, environmentally friendly detergent without bleach or fabric softeners because these substances can damage the bamboo fibers. When washing, choose cold or lukewarm water instead of boiling since hot water might weaken the fibers. To minimize excessive wear and tear, avoid overloading the washing machine, choose a mild or delicate cycle, and run shorter cycles. To avoid damage and shrinking, air dry or use moderate heat while drying bamboo towels. Avoid using high heat settings. Avoid using fabric softeners whenever possible.

      You don't need to use fabric softener with bamboo viscose because it is inherently soft. If you're wondering how to make towels softer, you may let them air dry until they're approximately 80% dry, then fluff and soften them in a low-heat dryer setting.

      They will last a lifetime if you properly take care of them. Take a look at these suggestions for maintaining your bamboo towels. Before using your stunning new towels for the first time, wash them in hot water. As a result, their weave structure will be tighter and their lifetime risk of snagging will be lower.