Mink Blankets


      Mink blanket is a heavy, plush blanket made from synthetic fibers, mimicking mink fur softness & warmth. It's popular for its luxurious feel and often features vibrant designs.

      Mink blankets are incredibly soft. These blankets are perfect winter blanket, for queen size & king size beds because of their spacious size. These blanket possesses amazing anti-pilling & warming qualities.

      They are easy to wash and constructed of acrylic, making them indispensable for Australia's chilly winter days.


      For the ultimate in comfort & coziness, the finest blankets offer an unparalleled snuggling experience. Let it be for queen or king sized bed, or a casual throw for lounging on the couch. Achieving these winter comfort dont require investing a fortune. It's worth noting that a quality blanket can endure for years, making it a worthwhile purchase. Below are the suggestion one can consider

      Mink blankets

      Sherpa Blankets

      Ultra Plush Velvet blankets

      Mink blankets are essentially blankets crafted from synthetic materials, mainly acrylic. They usually consist of 85% acrylic and 15% polyester. The acrylic lends the softness characteristic of mink blankets, while the polyester ensures they remain wrinkle-free. Mink Blanket hold easy top position when it comes to Winter blanket.

      Mink plush fabric blanket outshine fleece fabric blanket in terms of texture. Even the plain solid variations feel softer to the touch compared to fleece. Mink blanket are easy maintenance, anti pilling, hypo allergic. One won't regret once they use Mink Blanket for chilly winter nights or everyday cool nights.

      our Mink blanket are made from acrylic & polyester, if one is not allergic to these 2 components, then definitely they are the best choice.

      Kids love these blanket as they are cuddly, warm, easy to maintain

      Elderly love these blanket as they are thick, warm, anti pilling, durable