Organic Cotton

      Our Organic cotton collection are made from 300 thread count GOTS Organic cotton which is cultivated without toxic chemicals and finished without formaldehydes and other cheap smoothers.
      Breathable embrace of pure organic cotton sheets against your skin – it's like a hug from nature every night. Our sheet sets aren't just about feeling good; they're about doing good too.


      Yes, Because organic cotton bedding isn't treated with harsh chemicals or detergents and won't cause rashes, it's a safer option for infants and anyone with sensitive skin.It could be time to switch if you think that your non-organic bedding is the cause of your skin discomfort.

      Egyptian Cotton is renowned for its luxurious softness, often associated with premium bedding. In contrast, Organic Cotton takes the spotlight for its sustainability and purity. The choice between them boils down to personal preferences – whether you prioritize the opulent feel of Egyptian Cotton or the eco-conscious commitment of Organic Cotton. Both options offer unique merits, catering to those who seek comfort, sustainability, and purity in their bedding choices. Ultimately, the decision rests on individual values and desired attributes in the pursuit of a restful and conscious sleep experience.

      We're dedicated to offering you a diverse range of cotton products that cater to your values and preferences. Whether you're seeking organic, natural, or Better Cotton options, we've got you covered. Our commitment to sustainability and quality is reflected in our products, which carry certifications like GOTS, and the Better Cotton Initiative. These certifications are prominently featured on our labels and packaging, ensuring transparency and providing you with assurance about the environmental and social responsibility of our products. As highlighted by sustainable fashion advocates at Cariki, organic cotton is more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to conventional cotton. It is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, making it safer for both the environment and farmers. Additionally, organic cotton tends to be less water-intensive, contributing to water conservation efforts. By choosing 100% organic cotton products, you support a more sustainable and ethical approach to agriculture, promoting healthier ecosystems and reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional cotton cultivation. Overall, opting for 100% organic cotton aligns with eco-conscious and responsible consumer choices.