Bath Mats


      Bath mat or bath mat rug is made to sit directly outside the shower or bathtub & is designed to catch water from wet feet & prevent slips; it is lighter in weight, highly absorbent & most often made of cotton terry material or tufted material, similar to a thick towel. These Bath Mat are Soft, plush, classic. Complete the comfort in your bathroom with our Bath mats available in various colors and patterns. Enjoy the wonderful quality and affordable prices. Reusable and washable sets.

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      Bath Mat

      Usually bath mat come is wide variety, depending upon its thickness one can use bath mats efficiently. Most of our value pack 7 Piece | 14 Piece | 5 Piece have bath mat included which are perfect for outside shower area as they are thin & act like quick dry towels

      Thick bath mats can be used in Powder area or any dry area, as they are soft & plush. Cotton or bamboo mats can be super absorbent

      However, Thin bath mats can be used in wet area, for instance outside the shower area, where we might have soaked wet feet after shower. As they are thin mats, they can be quick dry & convenient for every day use.

      Bath Rug

      Bath mat rugs is a decorative accessory that is meant to go anywhere on the bathroom floor. A bathroom rug is heavier in weight, typically made of combed cotton, and often has a canvas or non-slip backing. Bathroom rugs can coordinate with design elements such as a shower curtain, paint color, or wall décor, or make a bold style statement by being a focal point on their own


      a bath mat is a fabric outside shower or powder area. they can be non-slip bath mat or tufted bath mat which is crafted to rest just outside the shower or bathtub, specifically engineered to trap water from damp feet.

      Bathroom rugs provide a soft landing for your feet in front of the sink and mirror, as well as right next to the shower or bath. Lastly, they absorb water and prevent your feet from slipping if the floor is wet.

      Certainly Yes, Reversible bath mats are the most popular in demand.