Beautifully soft, warm, and luxurious bed cushions add a touch of luxury and glam to any room. Simplicity in design allows this eye-catching colour to become the focal point of the room and ideal to mix and match with new or existing accessories. The cushion comes complete with cushion insert.
      Add an artful touch to your décor with hand-painted watercolour designs. Finished with a matching plain coloured velvet reverse.
      Designed in Australia.
      Fabric type such as Linen, Cotton, Polyester Velvet is in our collection
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      Some tips for matching cushions to your sofa are:

      Consider the colour scheme of you room, look for cushions in colours and patterns that complement the colours already present in your living room, You can pick a colour from your rug, artwork, or even a printed scarf for inspiration.

      Combining cushions in different textures, like velvet, linen, and cotton, adds visual interest and makes your sofa feel more inviting.

      Don't be afraid to use a variety of cushion sizes and shapes. Larger cushions can provide a base, while smaller ones can add pops of colour or pattern.

      Aim for an odd number of cushions (usually 3, 5, or 7) and arrange them for symmetry or a casual, asymmetrical look.

      If your sofa is a neutral colour, you can add a touch of personality with bold patterned cushions. Just make sure to balance them out with some neutral-coloured cushions as well.

      • Think about the style of your sofa: A classic leather sofa might look best with more traditional cushions, while a modern sofa can handle bolder patterns and textures.
      • Think about the functionality of your cushions: If you use your sofa a lot, you'll want to choose cushions that are comfortable and easy to clean.
      • Have fun! Cushions are a great way to express your personal style and add a touch of personality to your living room.

      Neutral Tones for a Sophisticated Look:

      White, beige, or cream: These timeless neutrals complement grey beautifully, creating a calming and elegant atmosphere. Consider textured options like cable knit or velvet for added visual interest.

      • For light grey sofas: Consider darker neutral cushions like charcoal or taupe for a balanced look. You can also use creamy ivory or warm beige for a more open and relaxed feel.
      • For dark grey sofas: Lighter neutrals like white, beige, or even metallic grey can add a touch of contrast and sophistication.

      Even though you primarily focus on polyester and feather cushion fillers in Australia, here's a breakdown of some common types available in the market

      Common Cushion Fillers in Australia:

      • Polyester: A popular and affordable choice, offering good support and hypoallergenic properties. It can lose its shape over time but regains it when fluffed.
      • Feather: Provides a luxurious feel and good support, but can be more expensive and may not be suitable for allergy sufferers.

      Feather Fillers:


      • Luxurious Feel: Feather cushions offer a soft, plush feel that molds to your body, providing exceptional comfort.
      • Good Support: Feathers offer good support and can help maintain proper posture while sitting or reclining.
      • Breathable: Natural feathers allow for good airflow, preventing overheating.

      Polyester Fillers:


      • Affordable: Polyester is a budget-friendly option compared to feather cushions.
      • Hypoallergenic: A good choice for allergy sufferers as it doesn't trigger allergy symptoms.
      • Easy Care: Polyester cushions are generally machine washable and dryable, making them easy to maintain.
      • Shape Retention: Polyester cushions hold their shape well and require minimal fluffing.