With Cloud Linen's luxuriant bath towels, you can swaddle yourself in warmth and luxury. Our bath towels have diverse range of luxurious towels each designed to elevate transform your daily routine into a spa-like experience because they are meticulously made from absorbent materials such as bamboo & cotton for total relaxation.


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      Our Towel Range

      Stella bamboo towels are a harmonious blend of nature's finest materials, combining the absorbency of cotton with the sustainable allure of bamboo. The revolutionary zero twist cotton fibres used in Aireys soft towels guarantees unmatched softness and absorbency. Indulge in opulence with our Cambridge towels, boasting a lavish 650GSM weight and intricate waffle detailing. The 650GSM low twist combed cotton yarn of Brentwood towels provides great absorbency while preserving quick-drying qualities leaves no moisture on your body. Cobblestone towels are designed with a ribbed textured pattern that adds a touch of sophistication and offers extreme softness.

      Comes in a bath towel set including bath towels, face towel, hand towels, bath sheets and bath mat.  Available in all colour ranging from popular colour such as green towels, pink towels, black towel, and many more.



      1.Sort Your Light and Dark Towels: Sort your towels according to kind and colour. To avoid colour bleed, wash coloured and white towels separately. To prevent cross-contamination, wash kitchen towels and bath towels separately.

      2.Selecting the Right cycle: To find out how to wash your towels in a certain way, see the Wash care label. Unless otherwise stated, use a mild or normal cycle with warm water. Avoid using hot water as it will eventually cause the fibers to break down.

      3.Use Less Detergents: To prevent residue accumulation on your towels, use a light detergent. Avoid overusing detergent to avoid leaving a soapy residue on the towels Avoid use fabric softeners and detergents containing optical brighteners especially if they're made of 100% cotton, as it can reduce their absorbency over time. You can add a half cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle instead, which helps remove soap residue and keep towels soft.

      4.Wash: Once the towels have been washed, remove them and shake out any excess water from each individual towel before you put them in the dryer. This shortens the drying time and helps keep towels soft and to prevent to prevent mildew.

      5.Drying: After the wash is complete hang it to dry this the best and most eco-conscious way to dry your towels.

      FYI! A typical front-loading washing machine can hold around 4 bath towels, and a top loading machine can hold around 6.

      Always wash brand-new towels before using them. This is a crucial since it's required to get rid of the silicone coating that was applied to them at the manufacturing and can significantly lessen their absorbency.

      Towels should only be folded, not ironed The fabric loses softness and absorbency after being ironed because the loops are damaged.

      Avoid the usage of fabric softener and too much of detergents instead use baking soda or vinegar only after checking wash care instructions provided on towels

      You can Hang your towels to dry but always try to remove the excess water from your towel before. Tumble drying your towels depends on the wash care instructions for our towel we do not recommend tumble dry at all.

      Every three to four days, you should wash your opulent towels. If you use towels for any longer than this, you risk unnecessarily exposing yourself to microorganisms that must be removed during laundry.