Buying Guide

Buying Guide

The ideal bed, is like the ideal meal, requires a detail blend of ingredients. Just like ideal meal ingredients, we’ve prepared the correct recipe for developing the final bed that not only feels superb but looks fantastic as well. After all, no interiors is complete without a lovely duvet cover, cushions and throws, Right?

To begin with:

Add mattress topper to your bed

Selecting the right duvet, quilt, doona

Be Selective on Sheets

Choose Quilt Cover Set - Budget Friendly Makeover

Add-on Bedcovers, Coverlets, Bedspreads for luxury comfort

Consider trying Blankets

Alternate bedding options: Comforter Set


Add mattress topper to your bed:

The 3 factors which can make or wreck the comfort of your bed are genuinely your pillows, mattress topper and sheets. Everybody has distinct comfort requirements, budgets and choices so it’s essential to carefully pick the pieces a good way to be right for you.

At Cloudlinen we offer hypoallergenic soft, resilient & fully fitted, easy machine wash polyester ball fibres which offer a lofty cushion of comfort for a more comfortable night’s sleep. Toppers are a cost-effective measure to update your mattress. Cloudlinen gives a number of choices for mattress toppers mattress protector & overlays, which can surely add a layer of cushioning to melt the mattress or offer  expensive layer of comfort on your bed.


Followed by Selecting the right duvet, quilt doona. At Cloud linen we have more than 10 variety of Quilts, Doona, Duvet.

Depending how one sleeps, one should decide on a quilt, which isn’t usually easy. However, taking the time to discover a duvet | quilt | doona to fit your personal choices is an essential investment for your sleep & health. The characteristics of a quilt are regularly decided through the fill – and each type of fill comes with its very own specific set of benefits. Find your best quilt with our go-to guide below.

Down Alternate | Microfiber | Synthetic:

Perfect for kids & senior's. Budget Friendly, Easy Care

When we point out artificial fibres, we're referring to quilts which can be man-made. At Cloudlinen we use major forms of synthetic fills – microfiber and down alternative. Our synthetic fibres are a less expensive and easy-to-care-for alternative for the ones in the marketplace for a new duvet | quilt.

The variations between our synthetic quilts are:

Microfibre – Most of our synthetic quilts have a microfiber fill. However, we mixture specific denier fibres to offer both loft and softness to suit personal preferences. Microfibre is a realistic preference in case you suffer from allergic reactions or your duvet quilt is likely to require frequent washing. Down alternative – Down alternative fibres are a finer denier than standard polyester fibres. They offer extra loft and feature a luxurious ‘down-like’ feel. This premium-first-class duvet will offer extremely good comfort and warmth on cold winter nights.


    Bamboo Quilt & Cotton Quilts:
    Hot Sleepers should love Bamboo or Cotton quilts. Summer friendly options
    Bamboo is an eco-friendly, light-weight fibre with natural temperature regulating and antimicrobial properties, retaining you warm in wintry weather and cool in summer. Its natural resistance to dust-mites, mould, bacteria, fungus and odour will increase durability and sleep health. Bamboo has superior moisture-wicking abilities that actively draws moisture away from the body, increasing absorbency.
    Cotton Quilts are amazingly breathable when it come to really hot nights. These quilt is extremely lightweight and breathable to give you a wonderful night’s sleep. Encased in Cotton fabric with smart silver piping, it is machine washable for effortless hygiene maintenance. Each quilt is given a health guard coating for the highest level of allergy and dust mite defence. Even fill distribution is made possible by the end-to-end box stitching construction, so the quilt remains tidy and comfortable even after numerous washings.


     Wool Quilts:

    Cold Sleepers should love wool heavy weight quilts. Persisting long term option

    Wool Quilts helps to regulate body temperature to promote an uninterrupted deeper sleep and is suitable for winter and cooler climate. We offer 350 gsm & 550 gsm wool quilts. Wool has the natural ability of creating a microclimate which helps to regulate body temperature and reduce hot spots. It keeps your body from getting too hot or too cold through the night to help you have a well-rested, full night's sleep. This makes it a great choice if you need the quilt to suit individual different warmth needs. Our Australian wool quilt is suitable for year-round use, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.


    Feather & Down Quilts:

    Perfect for Cold & Warm sleepers, Luxurious rich Option


    Quilt Covers sets:

    Most stylish way to change the ambiance of your bedroom. Quick fix

    Cloudlinen have variety of quilt cover range we like to bring the latest to the current market. Then let it be our Printed Cotton, Jersey, Bamboo Cotton, Linen, Jacquard, Microfiber, Tufted, Vintage Washed, Flannelette or Chambray Range our designers closely work on the colours & fabric formation.

    Bed Covers, Coverlet, Bedspreads:

    For further add on luxury, include Bed covers | Coverlets | Bedspreads 

    A coverlet is not any more a traditional bedspread. A lovely, light-weight alternative to a quilts, doona, duvet which is more popular in summertime, but coverlets can be also related to wintry weather bedding – Like an extra add-on layer in the middle of night when its too cold or too hot. Linen Coverlets, Cotton Jacquard Coverlets, Vintage Stone Washed Coverlets

    For a comfy wintry weather sleep setting, begin with a sheet set, layer a blanket for additional warmth, and top it off with a coverlet of your choice. Increasingly used for layered looks in winter, a coverlet is a versatile styling tool. Pair it with a lush throw or airy cotton muslin blanket to create the illusion of decadent warmth.

    A simple, hassle free alternative to a quilt and duvet cover set, coverlets lend themselves to messy teenagers and minimalists alike.

    Light weight, easy care, Budget friendly add-on layers
    A desirable blanket is essential. Whether you drape it over the sofa or layer it in your bed, there’s no cosier feeling then curling up beneath an excellent blanket. Ranging from 100% Cotton Muslin Blankets, Mink Blankets, Waffle Blankets, you’re certain to find a blanket that fits both your warm temperature wishes and common basic aesthetic.
    Buyers tip: When layering, usually place your blanket underneath your quilt so the duvet or quilt can breathe!
    Best option for backpackers & rental living.

    The only question that come to my mind is what differentiates a comforter from a coverlet. Answer is to put a stop to the confusion, genuinely think about a comforter as a patterned quilt. Thick, warm and comfortable, a comforter needs no companion.

    Without the need for an additional cover, comforters make for a clean alternative for kids – long gone are the times of your pesky duvet getting misplaced inside this a all in one!!!

    For added comfort and versatility, make sure to test out our Microluxe range of Comforters – snugging duvet through night, comfortable cushion through the day.

    The Most Important Layer Between Bed And Skin Is Sheets, So Let’s Talk About It!!! 

    Every Day Regular Sheets
    Regardless its Percale or Sateen. Cotton is evergreen a natural fibre. The perfect requirement for every lane man with sensitive skin, hypersensitive reactions or irritations, this soft, long lasting sheet fulfils every man’s night routine. The manner in which fabric is woven contributes to its feel. Cotton sateen sheets, for example, are softer than those with a traditional flat weave.


    A sateen weave has extra warp threads at the top surface, ensuing in a silk-like touch. Which is better? It’s a matter of personal taste; some people choose the crispness of a flat weave, others just like the softness of the sateen finish.

    Cotton Bamboo Sheets:

    Antibacterial & Hypoallergenic

    These Bamboo Cotton blend sheet set has been made with the finest 50% Bamboo and 50% Cotton fibres, Bamboo is known for its High Absorbency, therefore allows skin to breath and comfort good night sleep. The naturally silky smooth and unique sheen of the bamboo protects your skin against any irritation.

    Organic sheet sets:

    Eco friendly, GOTS Certified

    Our organic cotton sheets are made from crisp, pure certified organic cotton. What makes our Organic cotton sheet Sets so special? They are made from 300 thread count GOTS Organic cotton which is cultivated without toxic chemicals and finished without formaldehyde and other cheap smoother. The long staple cotton produces stronger yarns that make your sheets crisper. Known for its breath ability, your skin will love our organic cotton. No more allergies from invisible toxins. Consist of a reusable laundry bag for easy storage.

      Poly Cotton Sheets:




      Quick Dry, Nearly No Ironing

      Polyester cotton is a mix of the two fibres. Easy and affordable, this synthetic fabric is durable, the polyester working to boom the lifespan of the product. Our 1000 Thread count sheet sets or just fitted, and pillowcase combo sets are 60% Cotton 40% Polyester, which means easy maintained, less ironing substantial for everyday urban easy lifestyle.
      Winter Friendly
      Our Flannelette sheets are the bestselling sheets in winters as they effortlessly insulate the body heat in winters. Flannelette yarns are very thick, so the weave can only match around 110 threads per place of fabric. It is measured in weight (gsm – grams per square metre) rather than thread count. The yarns are thick as they're brushed and fluffed up, supporting to trap heat air, making them the appropriate desire for winter.

      Linen Sheets:

      Rich Luxury at its Best

      It's like sleeping on a cloud, with all the airy goodness of linen. Woven using the finest French flax, our linen sheets are pre-washed giving it a beautiful softness & relaxed, lived-in look. Linen sheets are not only soft, but they also have temperature-regulating qualities that will keep you cool even on the warmest nights, and cosy when it's cold outside. If budget is not on you mind linen sheet set can be your best friend & supports modern luxury. Proudly made in Green. 


      Jersey Sheets:

      Microfiber Sheets:

      Size Guide for sheets at Cloudlinen.
      Size Flat Fitted
      Single Bed Sheets 180 x 254cm 91 x 193x 40cm
      King Single Bed Sheets 200 x 274cm 107 x 203x 40cm
      Double Bed Sheets 228 x 254cm 137 x 193x 40cm
      Queen Bed Sheets 240 x 274cm 152 x 203x 40cm
      King Bed Sheets 260 x 274cm 182 x 203x 40cm
      Mega Queen Extra-deep Fitted Sheets 240 x 274cm 152 x 203 x 50 cm
      Mega King Extra-deep Fitted Sheets 260 x 274cm 182 x 203 x 50 cm
      Long Single Sheets 200 x 275cm 91 x 203 x 40 cm
      Split Queen Sheets 255 x 265cm 77 x 203 x 40cm (2)
      Split King Sheets 285 x 265cm 90 x 203 x 40cm (2)