Beach Towels


      Our Renee Taylors Beach towel is a rich and ultra plush feel that will instantly brighten up your day with its vivid colour combinations. These jacquard velour large beach towels is perfect for a pool, spa or beach day. Beach towels usually dry without being thoroughly rinsed to remove the salt, sand and chlorine. Hence, stating beach towels isn’t just a towel but its more than a towel.

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      1.Vigorous Shake your Beach towel to remove loose debris or sand from the fiber of towel.

      2.Check the care label to figure out your beach towels fibers content and washing instructions and sort them by colour (lights and darks)

      3.After enjoying your wonderful sunny day toss your beach towel in your washing machine and set on a cold setting.

      4.You should go light on laundry detergent and skip fabric softener when washing your beach towels as they can leave behind waxy residue which reduces the absorbency and softness of the towel.

      5.After the wash is complete hang it to dry this the best and most eco-conscious way to dry your towels.

      6.Also do remember you don’t have to wash your towels after every use. But if it appears dirty or smells wash as per need.

      Beach towels can fade with use always was them thrice every use.

      Make sure to remove as much as sand as possible before washing your towel.

      Always wash new towels alone and before first use

      Never wash towels with fabrics that attract lint such swimming suits, swim shorts etc

      To maximize absorbency, skip commercial fabric softeners Add 1 cup of White Vinegar to rise cycle to strip away the detergent residue.

      A bath towel can be used on the beach, but one must keep in mind the differences between a beach towel and bath towel. Beach towels are larger in size and lighter making it quick dry towels. Its larger size vibrant colors make it fit for snuggling on beach on hot summer day and acts as a blanket to your body keeping away the sand.

      Beach towel for a australia beachy sunny day should be large enough to comfortable lie on depending on the body size, it should be absorbent enough to dry off quickly. And lastly some cool patterns to enjoy summerish fun beachy vibes.