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      Cloud linen's most love cotton range complies Cotton blankets, Cotton quilt covers, Cotton throws and Cotton sheets 

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      A standard sheet set in Australia consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, depending on the size of the bed and the set.

      The size of your mattress should be taken into consideration while choosing bed linens, even if some bedding may be altered to fit. This implies that single sheets are the greatest option if you have a single bed, and queen-sized sheets are the ideal option if you have a queen bed. There are many different sizes of bed sheets available in our selection, including single, long single, king single, double, queen, king, and super king bed sheets.

      The depth of your mattress should be taken into account when choosing a fitted sheet. 33 to 40 centimetres deep are normal for standard sheets. They will snugly fit a typical mattress. However, you might want to take into account a deeper fitted sheet if your mattress is more deep.

      To comply with these Extra deep mattress we do sizes such as Mega queen and Mega king These are 50cm deep and will fit a single pillow top mattress.

      Although cotton and flannelette are both common materials for bed linen, they each have unique qualities that make them more appropriate for different uses. Cotton is renowned for its durability and breathability, but flannelette is noted for its warmth and tenderness. Cotton fibres are inherently permeable, allowing the air to readily flow and keep you cool, making cotton the most breathable alternative. Because of its napped surface, flannel has a tendency to retain body heat. Flannelette is still a sort of cotton fabric, though, so the quality and thread count might affect how breathable it is. Higher thread count flannelette sheets typically provide better breathability. The fact that flannelette sheets are created from a combination of cotton and other fibres, such as polyester, which can affect the overall performance of the sheets Due to the fabric's well-known insulating qualities, it is perfect for creating your personal sanctuary and staying warm throughout the winter months. Purchasing high-quality flannelette bed linen is a long-term investment that will pay off.

      We manufacture quilt covers from Fabrics like bamboo cotton, 100% cotton, flannelette, Egyptian cotton linen, and tufted, all of which may be used all year round, especially in countries like Australia where the weather is unpredictable.