Cotton Towels

      Cotton bath towel are towels made primarily from cotton fibres these towels are best known for its softness and absorbency making ideal material for bath towels.
      They dry fast, which prevents mold and bacteria from growing on them. These well – made towels don’t shed and will remain fluffy even after wash.
      There are many various varieties of cotton on the planet, and each manufacturer employs a distinct kind to create their towels. Egyptian cotton bath towels are one sort of towel that is well regarded worldwide.
      There is a reason why Egyptian bath towels are regarded around the globe as the gold standard for judging the quality of bathroom towels. 


      Even after taking a bath, every time you dry your body with a towel, you remove dead skin cells. Not exactly a nice concept, and to make matters worse, these cells collect in the towel's strands and develop bacteria in the moisture. Washing towels once a week, or after every three to five regular uses, is strongly advised. On a regular basis, hang your towel up to dry after each wash, being extremely cautious not to pile it up; instead, spread it out evenly in the sun. 

      Regularly used towels generally last up to two years before fraying and losing their absorbency. Consider rotating different sets, and carefully hang towels to dry after each use, to extend their longevity. These two suggestions prevent towels from being washed more than once. Towels made of cotton are an eco-friendly material because it is organic and biodegradable. To further lessen your influence on the environment, think about buying cotton towels that are made from organic or sustainably derived materials.

      The most ideal approach to wash cotton towels is on high heat utilising quality detergent.

      Never try to use any kind of detergents or fabric softeners on them as they will affect their fibre composition which in a run will affect absorbency.

      Immediately remove the towels from machine as soon as the cycle finishes, as mildew start to grow in damp towel. Tumble drying on high heat will help keep your towels delicate, but if you don’t have dryer, just hang your towels outside to dry in the sun. 

      When your towel is totally dry, fold and store.