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      Cloud linen’s essential quilt covers also known as doona cover or duvet covers are a wide range of thoughtfully created designs to cater to your comfort quilt. If your present quilt cover isn't cutting it, you've come to the correct place.
      We provide quilt covers in a variety of sizes, including single quilt covers, double quilt covers, queen quilt covers, king quilt covers, & super king quilt covers, thereby covering standard quilt sizes in Australia.
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      Quilt Covers: Choosing, Maintaining, and Decorating

      Explore Cloud Linen’s exquisite collection of bedding products, thoughtfully curated from a range of premium materials. From the timeless elegance cotton quilt cover & Egyptian cotton quilt covers to the indulgent softness of bamboo quilt covers & the luxurious embrace of our linen quilt cover & premium range in our waffle quilt covers. Our quilt covers comes in different pattern covering all colours and patterns from white quilt cover, different shades of green quilt cover, dark shaddy black quilt cover, blue quilt covers featuring hues from aqua to navy, amusing pink doona covers to regal purple doona covers to fresh floral quilt cover, classy grey and silver doona covers, bold red doona covers, brilliant orange doona covers. Add our superb wool quilt, which provides natural warmth and cosiness, or the all seasons quilt, which is made to fulfil your comfort needs all year long to these quilt cover combinations.

      Cloud Linen offers a diverse range of thoughtfully designed quilt covers in various sizes and patterns, made from premium materials, catering to comfort preferences and enhancing relaxation routines. We recognise that the hunt for the ideal quilt might be a convoluted one. To address some of the most frequently asked questions concerning quilt, doona and duvet, we have created this helpful guide. Let's explore the techniques for getting the best possible sleep together!


      A Quilt Cover is a removable decorative fabric cover that encases a duvet, quilt, or doona. Since your quilt or doona serves as the top layer of your bedding, they are frequently used for decorating your bed and providing protection for your quilt or doona. Doona coverings simplify your job since you can change the entire appearance of your bedroom by just changing the cover, and you can wash the quilt cover whenever you feel like it. Cloudlinen offers quilt coverings in sets that also include two pillowcases to complete the look.

      When a question about the difference between a duvet, a Doona and quilt is raised, its as simple as many things in Australia. A quilt cover is also known as a duvet cover or doona cover, depending on the region.

      We manufacture quilt covers from Fabrics like bamboo cotton, 100% cotton, flannelette, Egyptian cotton linen, and tufted, all of which may be used all year round, especially in countries like Australia where the weather is unpredictable.

      Putting a doona cover is tough job in its elf but these can ease your way up.

      The only way to do it like a pro:

      1. Lay the doona cover flat on the bed with the opening at the foot of the bed and inside covering facing up.
      2. Insert the doona open the doona cover and turn it inside out.
      3. Hold the Top corners of cover firmly with your hand while still holding on to the cover grab the top corners of doona itself.
      4. Shake it out, once the doona is inserted shake the doona cover gently to allow doona to settle and spread out inside the cover.
      5. Button closure are include as a in all our doona covers bottom closure, usually in the form of buttons. Make sure the doona is entirely encased by firmly closing the aperture.

      Maintaining a quilt cover is essential to keep it clean, fresh, and in good condition. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain a quilt cover:

      1.Regular washing: Frequency on washing quilt cover is dependent on personal preference and how often its used yet a decent recommendation is to wash it every 2-4weeks. To choose the proper washing settings, including temperature and cycle type, consult the label's care instructions. All our quilt coverings are machine washable.

      2.Separate colours: To avoid colour bleed and stains, keep your quilt cover separate from other laundry items, especially dark or extremely dirty ones.

      3.Button closure: To avoid harm to the cover or the washing machine, make sure that any zippers or buttons on your quilt cover are closed before washing.

      4.Dry correctly: After washing, dry the quilt cover in a tumble dryer on a low or medium heat setting, or, if feasible, hang it outside to airdry. Shrinkage and fabric degradation are two effects of high heat.

      5.Iron if Necessary: If your quilt cover is wrinkled, iron it on a low to medium heat setting. Check the care label to make sure the fabric can be ironed. Some materials may be sensitive to heat.

      6.Alternate and rotate: Consider rotating your quilt cover with another cover or set to increase its lifespan. This can lessen deterioration and preserve the calibre of both coverings.

      You may prolong the life, cleanliness, and aesthetic appeal of your quilt cover by according to these upkeep suggestions. The quality and durability of the cover will also be preserved with regular maintenance.