Quilts, Doona & Duvets

      We have All Season Quilts microfiber filling cotton cover box stitched machine washable. At Cloud linen we expertise in Bedding Bed Linen Australia Quilts, Doona, Duvets that will ensure with a comfortable Cosy night’s sleep. Cotton quilt or Bamboo quilt is suitable for summer, Wool quilt, Feather & Down quilts. Microfiber quilts for all year round & allergies suffers. Use an extra-large Super King Quilt Doona Duvet for the ultimate designer look. Choose from Australian brands like Renee Taylor & Park Avenue to make your dream bed. 


      A wool quilt is a cozy and breathable bedding option made from natural wool fibers. Known for its exceptional insulation properties, a wool quilt provides warmth in cold weather while remaining cool and comfortable in warmer conditions. Wool’s natural breathability and moisture-wicking abilities help regulate body temperature and ensure a dry, comfortable sleep environment.

      Hypoallergenic & resistant to dust mites & mold, wool quilts are ideal for allergy sufferers. They are durable, maintaining their shape and loft over time. Wool quilts often feature a cotton or other natural fiber outer cover, enhancing their breathability & comfort.

      Additionally, wool is a renewable & biodegradable resource, making wool quilts an eco-friendly choice. Overall, a wool quilt combines the benefits of natural materials with comfort and durability, promoting a restful and healthy sleep.