Ribbed Towels

      Cobblestone towels are Ribbed Bath towels. The traditional ribbed texture & borderless pattern will give your bathroom a fresh, uncomplicated look. This towel delivers great softness, colour lustre, absorbency, and durability and is made from luxurious cotton low twist yarn. The modern colour pallet for this ribbed towel ranges from neutrals to bold tones.


      Numerous fabrics, including cotton, Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and mixtures of these materials, can be used to create ribbed bath towels. The absorbency, softness, and durability of the towel can be affected by the material selection.

      After each usage, you will feel dry and rejuvenated thanks to the ribbed design's rapid and effective moisture wicking capabilities. This bath towel dries quickly, so it is available for use right away. Say goodbye to towels that take forever to dry and are wet and musty.

      Due to their rough surface, ribbed bath towels may efficiently trap and hold moisture, making them more absorbent than conventional towels. However, the precise fabric and weave used for the towel's manufacturing might also affect its absorbency.

      Greater GSM is found in towels that are heavier, more costly, or of higher quality than inexpensive towels that are more likely to come apart. Usually, the GSM of a towel increases with the number of loops used in its weaving. Towels between 300 and 400 GSM are the lightest. A good-quality, medium-weight towel weighs between 400 and 600 grams.

      Follow these cleaning methods to keep ribbed bath towels in good condition and long-lasting:

      • They may be machine-washed in hot water with a gentle detergent.
      • Fabric softeners should not be used since they might decrease the absorbency of the towel.
      • To protect the textured design, tumble dry on a low or medium heat setting.
      • To guarantee appropriate cleaning and rinsing, avoid overloading your washing machine.