Our coverlets are the perfect companion to your quilt covers as an extra layer. Originally, a coverlet was intended to be a decorative overlay that sat on top of the quilt cover or was folded down at the foot of the bed to provide flair.  
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      Styling your coverlet to complement your bedroom involves a thoughtful approach to decor that ensures your bedding doesn't just serve a functional purpose but
      also enhances the overall aesthetic of your sleeping space. Firstly, choose a
      coverlet that aligns with the color scheme and design of your bedroom. Whether
      you opt for a solid color coverlet that matches the wall paint or a pattern
      that resonates with your decorative theme, this choice sets the tone. Consider
      the fabric and texture as well – a silky, luxurious coverlet might suit a more
      formal bedroom, while a lightweight, breathable cotton coverlet is perfect for
      a casual setting.

      Fold or drape it at the foot of your bed, depending on the look you prefer – a neat fold for a classic appearance or a casual drape for a relaxed feel. Coordinate your pillow shams and throw pillows with the coverlet, choosing colors and patterns that harmonize with it. Additionally, consider the texture and fabric of the coverlet, whether you opt for a lightweight option for a more casual look or a heavier, luxurious fabric for a formal touch. Accessorize your bedroom with curtains, rugs, and wall art that complements the coverlet, and don't forget to add personal touches for a space that reflects your style and personality. The key is to create a cohesive and harmonious look that ties all elements of your bedroom together.

      Coverlet is typically a decorative top layer on your regular bedding such as comforter, duvet or a blanket. they are thin thin as compared to quilt and have a quilted design making them perfect for adding style and texture to your bedroom. They act as a complement to the rest of the components of your bedroom. we carry a variety of designs in our coverlet range such as vintage stone washed quilted coverlets in natural cotton fabric & linen Cavallo coverlets

      All of our coverlet products come in standard packaging and are available in two sizes: queen/king and super king. The super king size set comprises a coverlet and a matching designer set of Two cushion shams


      Queen/ King - 260 x 240 cms | 2 x Pillow Shams - 48 x 74 + 5 cms.

      Super King - 285 x 240 cms | 2 x Pillow Shams - 48 x 74 + 5 cms.

      These common bedding kinds differ from one another in a few important ways. Quilts are sewn more securely and are thicker than coverlets, which are thin blankets available in a variety of colours and textures. Coverlets are made of one layer, whereas quilts are made of three layers: a top, batting, and backing. Moreover, coverlets can be utilised as a beautiful bedspread or as a thin blanket layer over another blanket for added warmth. In colder climates, quilts are used to keep the sleeper warm or to provide a stylish touch to the bedroom. The choice between a coverlet and a quilt ultimately comes down to taste and how the bedding is intended to be used.

      Maintaining a coverlet is generally not tough, but it requires regular cleaning, following care instructions on the label, and storing it properly when not in use. Spot clean stains promptly and be cautious with pets to prevent damage.