Long Single Fitted Sheets


      Long single fitted sheets have become an essential component of modern bedding, offering an ideal solution for those with specific mattress sizes that don’t fit standard sheets.

       These sheets are especially popular in dorm rooms, guest beds, and children's bedrooms, where mattresses often have unique dimensions.

      Understanding the importance and benefits of long single fitted sheets can help consumers make informed decisions and enhance their sleeping experience.

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      Materials and Fabric Types Available in Cloud linen


      Cotton is a widely popular fabric for fitted sheets due to its breathability, softness, and durability. Egyptian cotton, in particular, is highly sought after for its superior quality.


      Linen sheets are known for their exceptional cooling properties and durability. They become softer with each wash and are ideal for hot climates.


      Bamboo fabric is an eco-friendly option that offers excellent moisture-wicking properties and is naturally hypoallergenic.

      Blends and specialty fabrics

      Blended fabrics, such as cotton-polyester mixes, combine the benefits of both materials, providing a balance of comfort, durability, and ease of care. Specialty fabrics like microfiber are also popular for their softness and affordability.

      What is the standard size for long single bedding?

      Whilst every long single size bedding product will be a different size due to the nature of each different product, all long single size bedding is around 90cm x 200cm. It is always recommended that before purchasing any bedding from Cloud Linen that you check the sizing details in the description of each product to ensure that you are getting the exact product you need.For a long single bed we would usually recommend long single size bed sheets (sized at around 90cm x 200cm), which can be hard to find but here at cloud linen we have a wide range available for you to choose from! But before buying any bedding, you should always measure your bed and check them against the measurements provided in the product description.


      Organic Cotton and bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic and ideal for allergy sufferers. They resist dust mites and other allergens.

      Pre-treat stains with a gentle stain remover and wash according to the care instructions. Avoid using bleach, which can damage the fibers.

      Double and full sheets are the same size, designed to fit mattresses that are double sized.Double sheets may not fit properly on a queen-size mattress, double sheets can be used on bunk beds with double-size mattresses.

      Not necessarily. A higher thread count can mean softer sheets, but other factors like material and weave also impact the quality.

      It's best to avoid fabric softeners as they can reduce the sheets' breathability and absorbency. Instead, use a gentle detergent.Washing sheets in cold water on a gentle cycle and avoiding high heat in the dryer can help prevent pilling.

      Depending on the quality and usage, bed sheets should be replaced every 1-2 years. Signs that it's time to replace your sheets include thinning fabric, fading colors, and loss of elasticity.

      In most cases, no. But you should always measure your mattress and check the product description and if a king single sheet set fits your bed better, then they might be better suited. But you should get the same size sheets are your bed.