Split Queen Sheets


      Split queen sheets are an increasingly popular bedding option, particularly among couples who value both comfort and individuality in their sleeping arrangements. Unlike traditional queen sheets, split queen sheets consist of two separate fitted sheets that are used with adjustable beds, allowing each side to move independently.

      Split Queen Sheets

      Split queen sheets are bedding sets designed specifically for split queen mattresses, which are typically used with adjustable beds. A split queen mattress consists of two separate mattresses, each measuring 77 x 203 + 40 cms, combined to form a standard queen size of 152 x 203 + 40 cms. The split design allows for independent movement on each side, catering to the different sleeping needs and preferences of couples.

      Types of Split Queen Sheets
      Material Types

      Bamboo & Organic Cotton

      • Bamboo Cotton: Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and breathable.
      • Organic Cotton: Grown without chemicals, making it a healthier option. Percale weave in our organic cotton sheets gives a crisp and cool with a matte finish to the sheets.
      Choosing the Right Split Queen Sheets
      Size and Fit

      Ensuring a proper fit is crucial for split queen sheets. Since these sheets are used with adjustable beds, it’s important to choose fitted sheets with deep pockets and strong elastic bands to prevent slipping.

      Thread Count

      Thread count is a measure of the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Higher thread counts generally indicate softer and more durable sheets. For split queen sheets, a thread count between 300 and 500 is recommended available in our bamboo & organic cotton range for a balance of comfort and durability.

      Benefits of Split Queen Sheets
      Enhanced Comfort

      Split queen sheets enhance comfort by accommodating individual sleeping positions and preferences. This is especially beneficial for couples with different sleep needs.


      The ability to adjust each side of the bed independently means each person can find their ideal sleep position without disturbing their partner.

      Compatibility with Adjustable Beds

      Split queen sheets are specifically designed for use with adjustable beds, ensuring a snug fit and smooth movement without bunching or slipping.

      How to Care for Split Queen Sheets
      Washing Instructions
      1. Use Cold Water: Helps to preserve the fabric and prevent shrinking.
      2. Gentle Cycle: Minimizes wear and tear.
      3. Mild Detergent: Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers.
      Drying Tips
      1. Tumble Dry Low: Reduces the risk of shrinking and maintains softness.
      2. Remove Promptly: Helps to prevent wrinkles.
      3. Line Dry: If possible, to prolong the life of the sheets.
      Storage Solutions
      1. Fold Neatly: To avoid wrinkles and save space.
      2. Use Storage Bags: Keeps sheets clean and dust-free.
      3. Labeling: Helps in quickly identifying sets when needed.


      Split queen sheets are bedding sets designed for split queen mattresses, typically used with adjustable beds. They consist of two separate fitted sheets and one flat sheet and two pillow cases.

      They offer personalized comfort and are compatible with adjustable beds, allowing each side to move independently.

      Wash them in cold water on a gentle cycle, tumble dry on low, and store them properly to maintain their quality.